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Spike-heeled daughter of thieves. Also all of know that shit wouldn’t have gone down that bad if she’d been standing on the wheel.
The second lady of the poison orchid. Did she make me cry, boy did she make me cry hard! 

On other news: i tried to do Locke but i can’t get his face to fit with my inner picture which kinda fits but is also major frustrating.
Zamira Drakasha-most badass Pirate-Captain/Super-Mom courtesy of Author-extra-ordinaire Scott Lynch. (Thanks for making me cry like a babe during that sea battle)

I’m so happy this turned out like that because this is exactly what i wanted her to look like. For clarification she is of dark skin but filling in with graphit is always a bad idea when i’m in charge. Smudges everywhere. But i hope it’s quite clear that she is wonderfully gorgeous.
Creepy Mermaid with shark grin. Fuck yeah.
Cheers for the excellent idea of Julie Dillon although a bit late ^^
Guache in Moleskine
Yeah Renaissance Woman in lieu of the fabled educated warrior Renaissance Man.
yeah. i wanted to do a warm up.
a new favorite. th collection is filling up once more
leprechaun. a different take on them. 

Reference used for the shatterdome background. God i love the sleeve. Thats the tattoo i’ll gonna get if an apocalypse comes down on earth.
Kudos to Ta for you know why :)