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Creepy Mermaid with shark grin. Fuck yeah.
Cheers for the excellent idea of Julie Dillon although a bit late ^^
Guache in Moleskine
Yeah Renaissance Woman in lieu of the fabled educated warrior Renaissance Man.
yeah. i wanted to do a warm up.
a new favorite. th collection is filling up once more
leprechaun. a different take on them. 

Reference used for the shatterdome background. God i love the sleeve. Thats the tattoo i’ll gonna get if an apocalypse comes down on earth.
Kudos to Ta for you know why :)
Those who can figure out more than 7 book titles win a prize. Or in addition he or she who can spot all the horcrux symbols. (Which would be the book title symbol for Harry Potter)
Another Bather
Not-bathing baroque lady with frilly dress. Indian Ink on paper
Das Wasser rauscht’, das Wasser schwoll,Netzt’ ihm den nackten Fuß;Sein Herz wuchs ihm so sehnsuchtsvollWie bei der Liebsten Gruß.Sie sprach zu ihm, sie sang zu ihm;Da war’s um ihn geschehn;Halb zog sie ihn, halb sank er hinUnd ward nicht mehr gesehn.